Jacob Elordi Used This $18 Pomade for the Met Gala

Between Jacob Elordi's hard-hitting interval workouts and his low-calorie diet, looking the part of a leading man is no easy feat. Take last night's Met Gala, where the 24-year-old Euphoria star donned a head-to-toe custom embellished Burberry suit, which probably cost more than a car note. But there was one part of his ensemble that most guys can recreate at home: his gala-worthy hairdo.

Celebrity groomer Amy Komorowski, who worked on Elordi's heartthrob hair for the Met Gala, revealed that she used drugstore grooming brand American Crew to style his slightly-tousled look. Among her haircare arsenal was American Crew's $16 hair tonic, $19 clay spray, $18 pomade, and its $18 clay.

“For his look this year, I wanted the hair to look polished yet effortless, with just the right about of volume and texture," Komorowski said in a press release.

Cream Pomade

American Crew americancrew.com


And while it certainly helps to have someone like Komorowski style your 'do, you can easily DIY Elordi's leading man hairstyle as follows:

1. Prep your hair with the tonic to create a foundation for the rest of the styling products to build upon, plus adding a light hold and increased texture. Spray it evenly throughout the hair, using your fingers to spread the product out.

    2. Spray a few pumps of the clay spray (for extra texture and body) to the front part of the hair and use your fingers to lift to the roots.

          3. With a hair dryer on low speed, continue to use your fingers to create lift at the roots. Once it dries, your hair will have that nice, slightly-messy texture.

          4. Use a one-two combo of the pomade and clay to set your hair. The pomade adds moisture and a bit of shine (without giving you helmet head).

          5. Then use a dime-sized amount of the clay, rub it between your hands, then place on any stray hairs for extra hold and definition.

            The beauty of this style is that it works on most medium length hairstyles for men, and because it's polished but not too stiff, Elordi's 'do works for date night, the office, and (of course) a massive gala.

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